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Dynamic diagram of 30 kinds of mechanical principle

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21、 Why can the front wheels of a four wheel drive vehicle turn?

The ball cage universal joint is the most widely used constant velocity universal joint at present. Why can we keep constant speed? Because in the working process of the universal joint, its transmission point is always on the bisector of the intersection angle of the two shafts. No matter how the transmission direction changes, six steel balls transmit force at the same time.

22、 What happens after stepping on clutch?

The toothed clutch is located in the flywheel housing between the engine and the gearbox. When the car is running, the driver can step on or release the clutch pedal according to the needs, so that the engine and the gearbox are temporarily separated and gradually engaged.

23、 Why can a car reverse?

Planetary gear transmission, as the name suggests, is named for its resemblance to the solar system. The middle orange gear is the sun gear, the two yellow gears are the planetary gear, and the outer ring is the planetary carrier. Car reversing function is realized by this mechanism. This is the most basic planetary gear transmission, which originated from the power Flite hydraulic automatic transmission of Chrysler company.

24、 The earliest clutch

Friction clutch is the "old man" in the clutch. We all have this question when we learn a car. Is the clutch dry? When we increase or decrease gears, we need to temporarily interrupt the power transmission. When we step on the pedal, the driven plate can overcome the pressure of the compression spring and move in the direction of loosening. When it separates from the flywheel, the friction force disappears, and the power transmission is interrupted.

25、 What kind of bicycle is tens of thousands?

Are you familiar? This is a bicycle flywheel (ratchet wheel mechanism). When the pedal works hard, it will rotate with blue gears. For example, if it is clockwise, the hub in the middle can only rotate clockwise, but the clockwise rotation of the hub has no effect on the blue gear.

26、 The strongest gear

This is a circular arc gear drive. Double circular arc gear drive is mainly used in rolling mill and can be used in high speed and heavy load condition.

27、 The quietest gear

The tooth profile of spiral gear is spiral. Compared with circular arc gear, the stress point is concentrated, so its service life is relatively short. However, it is quiet and strange when working, so it is the only candidate for application in special occasions.

28、 Elevator

This is the staircase used by the ship to connect with the wharf. The cargo weight and draft are unpredictable. With this stair, you can ensure the smooth boarding and landing of personnel.

29、 The right tool to change the watch battery

This is a manual press. I don't know if you've changed the battery for the watch. Some watch covers can't be pressed back by hand when they are buckled down. This mechanism is needed to achieve this. After the watch mender changes the battery for you, he takes out the capping device and makes a "click" sound. The sound is wrong Well, the gauge is broken.

30、 Skylights in buses

It is said that it is a car skylight, but it can't be seen in the car. At present, the skylight of buses adopts this kind of mechanical mechanism. Two pink handles adjust the angle of the window. It is important to pay attention to the friction of each joint to fix the position.

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