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A manufacturing method of high speed ball cage structure for transmission shaft

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The utility model belongs to the technical field of high-speed ball cage, in particular to a transmission shaft high-speed ball cage structure.

Background technology:

High speed ball cage is often used in high-end passenger car transmission shaft because of its constant speed, high transmission efficiency and good comfort. Figure 1 is a local schematic diagram of the transmission shaft with high-speed ball cage structure applied to a domestic high-grade SUV. The front half section is friction welded by the front axle tube 1 and the first shaft head 2, and then the first dust cover 4 and the first ball cage assembly 7 are installed, and fixed with the first clamp 3 and the second clamp 5; the rear half section is friction welded by the intermediate shaft 12 and the rear axle tube 13, the first intermediate support 11 is pressed into the intermediate shaft 12, and then Press the middle flange 8 into the spline part of the intermediate shaft 12, and connect the intermediate shaft 12 and the intermediate flange 8 with the nut 9 and the gasket 10. Finally, six bolts 6 are used to tighten the front half section and the rear half section to realize torque transmission. The disadvantages are as follows:

1. It has complex structure, heavy weight and large rotation diameter. The expansion spline pair is separated from the intermediate spline connection structure separately, resulting in a large number of parts, heavy weight, and the need for bolt connection. Therefore, the outer circle of the cage must be enlarged, resulting in large rotation diameter.

2. The middle flange is connected with the cage by 6 bolts, which leads to the leakage of the cage. Because the connecting sleeve is a stamping part, and it is relatively thin and easy to deform, the internal rubber gasket can not play a sealing role, and the bolt head cannot be flat with the stamping part, resulting in air leakage and oil leakage.

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